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Nisar, M.I., Ansari, N., Amin, M., Khalid, F., Hotwani, A., Rehman, N., Rizvi, A., Memon, A., Ahmed, Z., Ahmed, A., Iqbal, J., Saleem, A.F., Bashir, U., Larremore, D., Fosdick, B.K., and Jehan, F., Serial population based serosurvey of antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 in a low and high transmission area of Karachi. [preprint]

Larremore, D.B.*, Fosdick, B.K.*, Zhang, S., and Grad, Y.H., Jointly modeling prevalence, sensitivity and specificity for optimal sample allocation. [preprint]

Fout, A., Fosdick, B.K., and Hitt, M., Non-uniform sampling of fixed margin binary matrices. [to appear in FODS 2020 Conference Proceedings]

Layer, R.M., Fosdick, B.K., Bradshaw, M., Larremore, D.B., and Doherty, P., Case study: Using Facebook data to monitor adherence to stay-at-home orders in Colorado and Utah. [preprint]

Larremore, D.B, Fosdick, B.K., Bubar, K.M., Zhang, S., Kissler, S.M., Metcalf, J.E., Buckee, C.O., and Grad, Y.H., Estimating SARS-CoV-2 seroprevalence and epidemiological parameters with uncertainty from serological surveys. [preprint] [interactive calculation tool][code]

Ng, T.L.J., Murphy, T.B., Westling, T., McCormick, T.H., and Fosdick, B.K., Modeling the social media relationships of Irish politicians using a generalized latent space stochastic blockmodel. [preprint]

Marrs, F.W., Fosdick, B.K., and McCormick, T.H., Standard errors for regression on relational data with exchangeable errors. [preprint][code]

Journal Publications   (* denotes equal contribution)

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Other Publications

Buckee, C. et al. (2020) Women in science are battling both COVID-19 and the patriarchy. Times Higher Education. [link]

Huzurbazar, S., Cisewski, J., Fosdick, B.K., and Wang, X. (2014) Opportunities at SAMSI and NISS. Chance. [link]